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The Pet Sematary Remake Is Coming for You, Rachel

“Sometimes dead is better” goes a line from Pet Sematary, but Pet Sematary no longer practices what it preaches. Stephen King-devised tale about a burial ground that rejuvenates the dead with murderous and at times unintentionally hilarious consequences is being resurrected in a remake due in April (30 years after the…

Christian Bale Looks Great in American Psycho 2018

Christian Bale, an actor who once embodied Greek marble-statue physique in Mary Harron’s brilliant American Psycho, is notoriously committed to altering his bod to get into the spirit of a role. And if you’re wondering what might have happened had Patrick Bateman grown up and ascended to second-highest-office, maybe…

'I'm Nobody's Victim, Bitch': The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 Trailer Is Here 'I'm Nobody's Victim, Bitch': The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 Trailer Is Here

In the previous season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, a now Phaedra-free zone, the cast members dealt with the aftermath of the lesbian scandal that rocked the nation. While the dust settled between some (i.e. Porsha tried to make amends with Kandi), the dust between others continued to gather into a large petty dust…

Will This Elton John Movie Be the Rare Rock Star Biopic That's Actually Good? Will This Elton John Movie Be the Rare Rock Star Biopic That's Actually Good?

There’s an Elton John biopic coming down the pike, and based on the teaser trailer, we’re tentatively excited.

Mary Poppins Returns and Hasn't Aged a Day in Trailer Starring Emily Blunt

Here’s one of those big tentpole films whose marketing begins so far in advance of release that you feel like you’ve already seen it twice in theaters, bought it on DVD, watched it again, and forgot you owned it by the time it actually opens. Mary Poppins Returns, the direct sequel to 1964’s Mary Poppins, has a full…

They're Back, They're in America, and They're Still Boning 

Outlander returns November 4, reuniting its audience once more with aspirational-y sexy middle-aged couple Claire and Jamie Fraser. Once more, they are on the verge of all-out war with Great Britain, because they are physically incapable of staying out of trouble.

The New Jane Fonda Documentary Dives Headfirst Into Her Controversial Activism

Few people have lived lives as marked by reinvention as Jane Fonda, one of the most famous women of the mid-20th Century. And she’ll be talking about it in depth for Jane Fonda in Five Acts, an upcoming HBO documentary.

'I Don't Know What This Event Is' Perfectly Describes This Aubrey Plaza Trailer

By far, the weirdest movie I saw during my absolutely fun and not exhausting Sundance jaunt in Utah (during the throes of winter) was An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn, a movie starring Aubrey Plaza in a weird role, Jemaine Clement in a strange role, and Craig Robinson in an even stranger role.

Gaspar Noé's Dance Drama Climax Features the Trippiest Sangria Ever Made

Gaspar Noé, director, French provocateur, and noted Black Panther hater, is back to raise hell with his new movie Climax. And from the trailer, it looks like an invitation to the scariest dance party ever.

As a Man, the Trailer for Taraji P. Henson's What Men Want Is Actually What I Want

In the year 2000, writer-director Nancy Meyers released her only bad film, What Women Want, which went on to become the second highest grossing romantic comedy of all time (without adjustments for inflation). It starred Mel Gibson as a misogynist advertising executive who gained the ability to read the minds of…

Michaela Coel Is About to Get Real Serious in the BBC War Crimes Drama Black Earth Rising

Michaela Coel is back—no, not for Chewing Gum Season 3, not yet. We can pray that comes soon. But until then, she’ll be starring alongside John Goodman in a new BBC show, Black Earth Rising, which based on the trailer, is... a bit grisly compared to Tracey Gordon’s antics on Chewing Gum.

Joan Jett Navigates the 'Boys Club' of Rock and Roll in Bad Reputation Documentary

“Joan didn’t want to be Joni Mitchell,” Iggy Pop says in the trailer for Bad Reputation. “Joan wanted to rock.”

Jennifer Lopez Accidentally and Then Intentionally Scams Her Way to the Top in Second Act

The idea that Jennifer Lopez, a woman who defies science by looking roughly half her age, would be the victim of ageist discrimination in the job market is a tough idea for me to get behind. But I totally buy it in the trailer for her latest movie, Second Act.

Hasidic Women Fight to Be EMTs in the Documentary 93 Queen

“We can have babies every year, but just being an EMT is something we can’t do?” Rachel “Ruchie” Freier, lawyer and founder of an all-women Hasidic EMT unit in Brooklyn, wonders in the trailer for 93 Queen.

There's Another Movie About Gay Conversion Therapy Coming

The first trailer for Boy Erased follows Jared Sykes (Lucas Hedges) as his parents Victor (Russell Crowe) and Nancy (Nicole Kidman) enroll him in a gay conversion therapy program. In it, we see Crowe, who plays a Southern Baptist preacher, address his son with the heartbreaking: “I love you, but we cannot see a way…

Why Does the Felicity Jones Movie About Ruth Bader Ginsburg Look Like a Bad Made-For-TV Romcom?

By now I should be used to the sad, sour feeling left by films about triumphant, powerful women that were conceived when Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the presidency was all but inevitable (see Battle of the Sexes, The Post, and Confirmation), but the first trailer for the Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic On the Basis of…

Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen Are Star-Crossed Lovers From Warring Pizza Families in Little Italy

Love and hate. New York and Italy. Good pizza and okay pizza. They share similarities, but they’re different. All this and more, we learn, are themes in the trailer for Little Italy, a movie starring Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen.

We The Animals Is Going to Wreck Us All in the Best Way We The Animals Is Going to Wreck Us All in the Best Way

The best films are able to beautifully capture the breath of an already beloved story, land the right actors to portray its parts, and make the viewer feel part of the narrative. The movie adaptation of Justin Torres’ critically acclaimed novel, We the Animals, is seemingly that and more, based on its trailer alone.

Netflix Released the Trailer for Its Teen Movie About a Severed Penis

Netflix has a movie coming out on August 10 called The Package, and it’s about a group of five teenage friends who go camping in the woods for spring break (okay, sure) and the havoc that ensues. The havoc, in fact, includes one of the teen boys apparently cutting off his own dick in an unfortunate incident involving…

Behold the Mary Queen of Scots Trailer That Will Birth a Thousand Memes

Queen Elizabeth I’s lack of heirs hung over her reign like a cloud and contributed to her rivalry with her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, whose son followed her onto the throne. This trailer, on the other hand, will birth a spider-like number of progeny in the form of memes, crawling all over your timeline.

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