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I got a thing! I got a thing!

And it’s a sheet of glass! Thought I’d try it out. Cell phone pics to follow:

Wheelswap Wednesday Wheelswap Wednesday

Many have already got hold of the HW Land Rover Defender Pick Up, and it sure is a lovely work of art from HW. Yet there are things you wish, that maybe, could have been different.

Holiday Photo Contest **Update: Third Prize added** Holiday Photo Contest **Update: Third Prize added**

Let’s get in the holiday spirit and have some fun with diecast photography at the same time. Here are the rules:

BMW M Car Collection (and hauler!) BMW M Car Collection (and hauler!)

Some of you may have seen this little set before, or perhaps you own it yourself. I came across it at BMW’s Zentrum here in South Carolina. My Dad and I went to the BMW Car Club of America Foundation’s exhibit, Heroes of Bavaria. It was a fantastic show! I don’t think I’ve shared most of my photos from there . . .

1:43 HAWL - 1975 Brabham BT44B - José Carlos Pace 1:43 HAWL - 1975 Brabham BT44B - José Carlos Pace

Slowly, but steadily, the Altaya Lendas Brasileiras do Automobilismo (Brazilian Motorsports Legends) collection is getting to the newstands on my state. So I finally grabbed this awesome Brabham, driven by José Carlos Pace.

Wynn's Wednesday FTW! Wynn's Wednesday FTW!

It’s no secret that I love the Super Van. Simplicity is often the recipe for success, and if this model wasn’t as good as I think it is it wouldn’t be in HW’s line since 1975. This highly detailed casting was part of the Delivery series from some years ago.

Pickup Trucksday Pickup Trucksday

I may had stretched the theme days rule a bit too far, but I guess it’s okay for this awesome MBX Best of the World Dodge pickup. The tampos, the wheels, the colors, everything’s so good about this casting!

Ferrari Friday - Che bella! Ferrari Friday - Che bella!

Back in 2010 when I saw on the internet this Ferrari 288 GTO was part of the Phil’s Garage series, I looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it. It was only on a collector’s meeting that I finally grabbed this grail. And what a grab! For me, it’s on par with some of the most detailed HW 100% models, probably one of the…

Business in the front, party in the back Business in the front, party in the back

Often, delivery vans are boring, but this ‘55 Chevy Panel from the 2010 series Hot Wheels delivery sure brings the party in the back, with a wicked diecast motorbike!

Truckin' Tuesday - 1975 Chevy Stepside Truck (and bonus bugs) Truckin' Tuesday - 1975 Chevy Stepside Truck (and bonus bugs)

A true workhorse, when Chevrolet designed this they probably hadn’t the looks as their first priority. They achieved, however, a true gem of a design in form of this 70's stepside truck, marvelously recreated by Matchbox in a period correct color combo. What a great cast!

Throwback Thursday - MBX Ferrari F40 Throwback Thursday - MBX Ferrari F40

This may not be the most detailed, the most expensive or the rarer diecast F40, but for me it’s the best. In my 9th birthday (almost 18 years ago), in 1999, my parents gave me some diecast models, and this was the beginning of my collection. Among these cherished models, this sweet Ferrari F40, one of my favorites…

Truckin' Tuesday - 1969 Chevrolet C10 Truckin' Tuesday - 1969 Chevrolet C10

Part of the Auction Block series, apparently this ‘69 Chevy C10 fetched high numbers in the Barett & Jackson auction house. I have this model for several years, but I think I’ve never showcased it here.

I entered a photo contest I entered a photo contest

I thought you guys might like to see this before/after set of images. I’ve entered them in a photo editing contest, and if you’d like to vote for my image you can.

Halloween photo contest - E.T. phone home Halloween photo contest - E.T. phone home

and go home with style, just after trick or treat’ng!

GT40's on the Diorama GT40's on the Diorama

Here’s my first shoot of the new GT40's on my diorama. I mainly focused on the race winner this time. A new backdrop would be nice, so I’m toying with some ideas. Preferably something a little less labor-intensive and also easier to store than this 4' diorama!

A van in flames A van in flames

Part of RLC Flying Customs series, this van doesn’t need an introduction. Being featured several times in the mainline and on special series, for me it reached its peak with this model.

Garage diorama Garage diorama

I bought an amazing little diorama, so now I am pumped again to take loads of photos of my models!! I took dozens today of some DLM’d RLC exclusives, which I’ll be posting during the week. For now, some selected shots ;)

Thursday on the Thames Thursday on the Thames

Today I have a very exciting casting for you. Perhaps the most exciting casting Matchbox has ever produced! May I present to you the...

Diecast Photography Surfaces, Ranked (UPDATED) Diecast Photography Surfaces, Ranked (UPDATED)

15. Porsche 930 Carrera 3.2 Yellow Headlight Lense

McLaren Monday McLaren Monday

I love McLarens! This orange 12C GT3 is the latest addition to my British stable.

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