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PSA: Subiespeed/ft86speedfactory CC Hack PSA: Subiespeed/ft86speedfactory CC Hack

I received a letter today warning that credit card numbers used between August and November on subiespeed and ft86speedfactory (popular aftermarket websites) have been compromised. I noticed fraudulent charges on my card in November, but assumed it was via some gas station skimmer and sorted it all out then.

There should be a 2016 election themed MOBA. There should be a 2016 election themed MOBA.

Title says it all. Someone should mod the 2016 candidates into something, with heavy political satire for the skills.

Help with Light Gaming Laptop Help with Light Gaming Laptop

TL;DR: If I wanted to play games such as HoTS. Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, DoTA and such at 1920x1080 on a laptop, can I get away with a 950m, or do I need to step it up to a 960m? Is a 970m overkill?

Epoxy/Putty for leaky trans oil plug? (Temporary)

I parked my car at work (Jeep XJ) for a long weekend, and when I came back I saw an email informing me that there was something leaking from it. I recently changed the Transmission fluid, but it seems I overtightened the plug, and broke the weld on the inside of the pan holding the threaded bung on, so the bolt can’t…

ND Miata Club will be 30k

Looks like they decided to group up a bunch of tech/lux stuff into the club package in addition to the performance upgrades. Most importantly an LSD.

Today, the future happened. Today, the future happened.

Today, the future happened in Detroit.

Eww. That is all. Eww. That is all.

Courtesy of Ebay, sleep well knowing this exists.

Rain Rain... Rain Rain...

3 Casualties

XBOX ONE wheel recommendations?

Any recommendations on a racing wheel setup for the Xbox One? It seems only the MadCatz and Thrustmaster are natively supported (and also like $400). There are some 3rd party adapters for the G27 (which appears to be highly rated), anyone ran into this before (maybe this would be better to post on Kotaku).


So, I have decided I want to buy a car, and I am fairly dead-set on a Miata (of some form). So while browsing online, the local dealer had listed a 2005 Mazdaspeed. Now this wasn't the first time I saw the listing, I saw it about a month before (along with some others) and decided to stop and check it out, along with…

Shipping a car?

I Moved a few months back, and left one car with my parents. Have any of you all had experience/luck shipping a car? Any recommendations on companies, it looks like there are some sketchy ones out there. It would be from WV to WI (800 ish miles), car runs, how much should I be expecting to pay?

Requesting some advice on choosing a car.

So, I am at a crossroad in my life: Obtained gainful employment, now what car to buy?