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High Altitude Doggo Content High Altitude Doggo Content

Went for a walk after work last night up to 10,300 ft (3140 m).

Good Morning Oppo Good Morning Oppo

No time like the present to get out and go explore.

Down on the Ramp Down on the Ramp

Air show at KAFB. F-35 is the star of the static displays by far.

Move to the Desert They Said Move to the Desert They Said

You’ll love the weather they said.

Stump Puller Stump Puller

Who says you can’t use a Raptor for work truck stuff?

Racecar spelled backwards is racecar.

DOTDC: Lotuses DOTDC: Lotuses

Elise first then a few seconds later a Gulf-livery 7 (maybe replica) came the same way. Saw another 7 a bit later (ignore the time stamp my dashcame battery is on the fritz). The snow has finally melted, so there were a lot of sports cars getting exercised in the mountains today.

2019 Kia Rio: An Opposite Lock Rental Review 2019 Kia Rio: An Opposite Lock Rental Review

Happy Friday Oppo - have a review! Some new cars are good cars. A new Kia Rio is not a good new car. But is it a bad new car? I spend the last 4 days in the eastern suburbs of Oakland, California with one investigating.

Rental review coming soon. 


Audi R8 V10 Plus: MSRP starting at $194,400. My rental Kia Rio S: MSRP $17,115 with destination.

Let’s Count Together! Let’s Count Together!

Count along with Count Head Gaskets. Let’s count Tesla Model 3s currently in the parking lot of a Bay Area Costco that I’m at right now. Ready? One...

An Attempt Was Made An Attempt Was Made

Final day of the season here. They groomed last night so I figured I’d get up early to get a few last runs. Unfortunately they groomed wet and the it froze. I looked behind me and didn’t even marks from my skis. Went inside til the sun softened it up more and got a few decent runs in the slush. Had a little fun but…

What an A-hole What an A-hole

Wasn’t expecting to come head on with a Tacoma in my lane making a pass this morning. Overtaking in a corner on a narrow, two-lane with no center stripe is a dick move. Even worse, there is nothing on this road in his direction until it dead ends at a ski hill 2 miles up. This crap saved him a minute at most.

Heard Some of Y’all Like Flywagons Heard Some of Y’all Like Flywagons

Snapped this picture real quick last week and didn’t bother to look at it until just now.  I’m pleased with how it turned out. 

🤔🤔🤔 🤔🤔🤔

Who is Caitlin and why does she need to be eaten?

Anyone Know What This Came From? Anyone Know What This Came From?

Found this car body in an arroyo at the bottom of a canyon while hiking this afternoon. Didn’t appear to have a frame or drivetrain. How it got here I have no clue. Looks 1940’s but the condition and construction seem much newer... maybe a replica? I’m not too familiar with this era of design - anyone recognize it?

Oppopinions: Are These Good for Another 1,500 Miles? Oppopinions: Are These Good for Another 1,500 Miles?

OE pads and rotors on a ‘13 Outback with 85k mostly highway miles. Was going to R&R today ahead of my wife taking it on a 1,200 mile round trip on Thursday. She was complaining of squeaks/squeals. Parts I ordered got delayed and won’t make it in time. Pulled them today to see if I needed to throw some O’Reilly parts…

[hearteyesemoji] [hearteyesemoji]

Audi only makes something like 500 per year of these for the US and this one was just hanging out DOTS while it was hailing. That blue... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Spring is in the Air Spring is in the Air

And with it neighbors coming out of the woodwork to ask if they can borrow tools and/or if I can help them change their oil the minute I pull the jack into the driveway.

Work Can Suck It Work Can Suck It

There’s 11” of new powder that I’d be staring at out my office window if I went in. I’ll be here instead.

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