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Good Morning Good Morning

I am grumpy. An attorney I hired a little over 90 days ago is leaving for another firm. That is fine, and part of the deal. The part that isn’t fine is the 3 business days notice I was given. Very unprofessional, and surprisingly antagonistic for someone I have been nice and generous to. For example, she missed time…

Decisions for an Oppo Weekend Decisions for an Oppo Weekend

Heading down to LA with Toby tomorrow, and am trying to decide whether to take the GTI or the Sunchaser. GTI offers creature comforts and turbo goodness, and Sunchaser is Sunchaser. These, my fellow Americans, are the questions that test us in these trying times.

Vespa trip Vespa trip

Headed to the dentist on the Vespa. It is a lovely day

Happy Birthday, Vespa! Happy Birthday, Vespa!

73 years old today! I really love them, even now that I have the bike. I think mine will end up in my son’s hands, and I am going to look for a classic to restore.

T Bird out and about T Bird out and about

Inspection passed, one more DMV appointment needed. This is the car at my friend Cosme’s house after the inspection. He has a nice place in the foothills.

T Bird Day T Bird Day

Pumpkin does not care about your cars.  Today we go to Orange Cove to get a brake and light certification so the title can be issued. Then we can really get moving on this project.  This is a good way to spend a Monday.

More car washing More car washing

I do think it is a good looking car, and I think the window tint enhances the look.

Svended Svended


Happy Easter, Farscythe. Happy Easter, Farscythe.

I felt like I had to get you something.

Toby hard at work Toby hard at work

headed out for a quick ride on the bike and then I need to wash the Sunchaser.

Yum Yum

Fresh swordfish

Bath boi Bath boi

He is very upset. This was not a fun game.

Toby got sprayed by a skunk

Stinky boi gets a bath today. Eww.

I mean, everybody needs a reliable work truck... I mean, everybody needs a reliable work truck...

Keep an eye on that longbed, Zoidberg.  

Made it home to the fleet Made it home to the fleet

It is weird how small the Ninja looks next to the Vespa.

Hey Toby, it's time to go Hey Toby, it's time to go

We are done in Temecula, pal. Time to saddle up. Toby?

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