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Which one of you maniacs/geniuses created this?!

I mean...we can make music now via Motors? 

Azrek has to get rear tires for his E92 M3. Rims are 19in. Tech: Oh, yeah odd number tires are more expensive. You should get 20in tires as they are cheaper! Just like 18 are cheaper than 17. Azrek blinks: Are left handed gloves more expensive? Tech looks puzzled: No? Azrek: This just seems odd.....or off? *2 Ford…

I have to re-interview for my job...sigh...(Update: Failed?) I have to re-interview for my job...sigh...(Update: Failed?)

So this is normal for me...every few years this happens as my contract company loses to another who will do it for a nickle less and I have to talk to another batch of Bobs over my position. This time it is after 1 year with the current company with is unusual. Usually we get a contract for 3-5 years. My major issue…

Need Part Advice / BMW E9X Armrest

Oppo, I have an E92 M3 with a split center console armrest. It is ‘grey’ or ‘artic grey’ it has a bluish tint to it. I can’t post photos as our Internet browsers here at work are older than my parents’ used Nissan Rogue!!

Quagmire? What happens when...? 

A BMW and an SUV going in reverse pull up to a 4 Way Stop intersection at the same time? Who goes first? The asshole in the BMW or the dude obviously lost? In this particular case...the BMW floored it and got outta there!

Vin Check? 

A friend is selling his truck and asked to check his VIN to see if anything is hiding on it.

Parts are in for my Airbag. What does it entail? 

*Insert a photo of a claymore mine work computer won’t let me*

Are we being made fun of?

This seems like someone is saying we can’t find X!

Help me Oppo..I am demoralized!

I’ve been away for awhile as work change/broke all our internet browsers to better ‘protect’ us, but of course it also prevented actual websites from working too...But that is not my issue... I am currently starting down my 2nd $3k+ repair in 4 months on my E92 M3 and I am a bit flustered (actuators, oil gaskets,…

Time for some Green! Time for some Green!

Happy Green Beer Day! We need a green car theme day!

Back to the gym....or sorta Back to the gym....or sorta

I took a long break from working out and rehabed my wounded old body and nursed some depression after my job failure in Maryland. I am now trying to find my inner gym rat again...I gained more than I care to admit and generally frustrated. I have a Comic Convention where I wear some silly doesn’t fit…

Windows Crashed? Windows Crashed?

So much of that going on around here.

Keep Oppo Greek(?) Keep Oppo Greek(?)

In response to E90M3's post from yesterday. Oppo is being mirrored on a Greek site!

Cadillac keeps winning racing...why aren't we buying their cars?

In another race Cadillac wins...yet again...however their sales don’t reflect their racing successes. Why is this? They are slick cars with obvious racing tech associated with them. Is Cadillac not Oppo enough? Or can’t they shake their old man styling? They have the best cars in the Pirelli World Cup as well...for…

FurFace Friday, Lounge Edition FurFace Friday, Lounge Edition

This is Autumn using the ottoman as a purrfect sized kitty bed. Autumn is a Savannah cat.

Carfax VIN Check?

I have a co-worker shopping for a used car and he discovered an Infiniti Q50S that looks nice, but from the photos it looks to me like aftermarket wheels (I can’t see the photo well enough).

Left hand Law

This would decimate Florida...

I am stuck with a BMW X1 as a rental AMA

My E92 M3 is in for service (apparently outside of warranty by a few miles) for a throttle position actuator...I am less than pleased. Bert Smith BMW..sigh...they gave me an X1 as a loaner. FWD white soulless POS. Which of course had tire warnings go off as I left the parking lot. Then my loaner was also in the…

It is my birthday. Ugh... It is my birthday. Ugh...

I rarely celebrate any more, but I could use the morale booster from Oppo! I have to move this weekend, hurt my neck, cut my lip shaving and my cat ate a lizard which has given her awesome methane releases. Post cars around this timeline! Here’s my favorite Lotus race car!

May the 4th! May the 4th!

Time to post Star Wars cars!

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