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Best New Things Best New Things

My lentils, oh dog, do I have something for you all to try.

Hmmmm (update: 10:14 am)

My district has a bond election today, and I am not sure if they are engaging in voter suppression or just throughly unprepared.

Saturday morning open thread Saturday morning open thread

Bralock and I were thinking of getting started on building our fence today.

March Madness first day extravaganza open thread March Madness first day extravaganza open thread

Any one else sneaking looks at games while at work? My family has a bracket challenge, and I am the only one left with a fully intact bracket.

Attention aspiring writers!

Night Vale Presents (the podcasting company behind Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn’t Dead, Adventures in New America, etc.) is starting a new podcast aimed at writers and those who want to start. It is called “Start With This.”

Saturday Night Antisocial

I have had a week. I am now playing Angry Birds 2, sipping whiskey, and playing with my dog. Bralock is out of town, and I had cereal for dinner.

Recommendation thread  Recommendation thread 

Anyone find anything new recently they want to talk about?

Kinja!!! Kinja!!!

The most recent, as in I noticed it around lunch today, Kinja “update” has borked it almost beyond use on my mobile (Samsung S8 using Chrome).

Monday morning (Western Hemisphere time) Open Thread Monday morning (Western Hemisphere time) Open Thread

I really just wanted an excuse to post this image.

Australian Open

For those who are interested, the women’s final (Osaka v. Kvitova) is on right now. It has been an awesome match so far. This is what a final should be.

Fresh start to the day - OT

Today has potential to be a good day. Hopefully learning about these will help some of us have a fantastic Friday.

Bad pet parents make me angry - first gripe of the new year!

I was just at Tractor Supply, and someone brought their adorable 4ish month old St. Bernard puppy into the store. She was as well behaved as a puppy could be, but she felt the call of nature while in the store. The owner picked her up to make her stop peeing (good job there), but then she stayed in line with her puppy…

Saturday Night Antisocial

Today was a big day in the Blalock household. We adopted Kira (formerly Snow White). So I am also making this a Saturday Night Selfies post! (Warning, I am not going to delete this post.) We will be staying home tonight to help Kira acclimate to her surroundings.

Non holiday OT Non holiday OT

HoneyHeart has a great holiday talk thread going, but I figure some of our community is tired of the holidays. Want to get away from holiday talk? Come here!


Alabama gunman is still at large

Turns out the police killed the wrong person on Thursday.

What the eff... How's your morning? (OT)

We are going to Colorado next week to see my parents for Turkey Day, and I just came down with a cold. It wouldn’t normally be that big of an issue except that my mother is still recovering from her massively invasive cancer surgery.

Notable Quotables - open thread

I was just listening to this past Friday’s “It’s Been A Minute, with Sam Sanders.” He said something along the lines of “Black Eyed Peas music sounds like something robots would make to sell products to other robots.”

These people are elementary school teachers

I am so, so angry with these people.

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