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What would be your personal tipping point?

Re the Women’s Strike article on the main page: a lot of comments are people explaining why they won’t be participating as they don’t want to risk their job security and incomes over something that feels a bit nebulous. Which is fair.

@RoguePOTUSStaff on Twitter

I fell down a Twitter hole and read, like, all of their feed last night. Does anyone else read them? Do you think it’s legit, performance art, or Bannon spreading disinformation?

Retellings and Sequels/Prequels to Existing Novels by Other Writers - Your favourites (or favourite train wrecks)

The Penelopiad. Anno Dracula. Return to the Secret Garden. Lydia and Kitty Kill Mr Wickham.* This is book chat about that thing where authors take a pass at a pre-existing work by another author, be it a revisionist adaptation (telling the story from another character's perspective, developing/introducing new themes…

Confectionery You Like

“Confectionery” is an acceptable non-region-specific term, yeah? If you like sweet things, what do you like particularly? Texture-wise, do you like it crunchy, chewy, melting, gummy, etc? What’s your preferred flavour profile? Anything you used to be into as a kid but couldn’t stand now, or vice versa? Is there that…

Jason Momoa will star in the alleged new 'The Crow' 

I mean, I have to be totally honest here, I will not truly believe in the existence of this film until I am literally sitting in the cinema (or in my living room if it’s direct to home release) and the opening credits start. Anyway, Jason Momoa has allegedly been cast as Eric and it will allegedly start filming next…

I recently discovered the joy that is Ghost Adventures

I know I’m very behind the times on this one as its up to, like, season 13 now but this show is hilarious and amazing. I discovered it when it was playing on a TV in a hotel room I visited and I kept missing its name when it went to ad breaks, so I had to go home and look up the tv schedule for A&E Australia to work…

What are your favourite and least favourite vegetables?

And a way you like to prepare your faves? This thread is brought to you because I am bored and hungry and it won’t be dinner time until forever.

The 7 Sins and 7 Virtues - which are you most "guilty" of?

I’ve asked GT this question before, because it’s fun and new people are always arriving. :) In the words of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby, every one suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues. What’s yours? And just because wicked is fun, which of the sins? (And a bonus question: what do you think…

Which would you rather?

1. Look okay in person, but look terrible in every image captured of you ever, in any medium, including selfies. or 2. Look noticeably better in captured images than you do in the flesh?

Aussie WOC lets rip on a racist Tinder dude

He sends a text suggesting she bleach her skin as “you’d look prettier if you were whiter! ;p” And then he gets told. *sad trombone*

Indigenous Australian woman's speech at IWE event yesterday 

Yep, it was 8 March yesterday here in Australia. Thought you might be interested in this. Someone with posting privileges might like to cross-post to Salad Bowl maybe?

Anyone read/ing 'Missoula'? (CW rape culture)

It showed up in the “People who bought that book you just bought also bought this book” section on Audible for me, and I remembered reading the Jezebel article where someone visited the town, so I bought it. The reading is very good (for those of us who mostly “read” books by listening, and therefore care about this…

Lifetime's "My Sweet Audrina" is on this weekend

If the VC Andrews ouevre was a part of your illicit teenage reading life, and you LOLwatched the Lifetime adaptations of the Flowers in the Attic series last year, you may be interested to know they’re airing their take on My Sweet Audrina (aka the most VC Andrews of all the VC Andrews books) this weekend. How the…

A question for the cheese eaters: A question for the cheese eaters:

So for the rest of your life you're allowed to eat types of cheese that originated in France, or originated in Italy - but not both. Which is it?

"Pretty" by Katie Makkai "Pretty" by Katie Makkai

There’s been a few posts both here and on the main page lately about the societal value of “pretty”, whether you should tell your daughter she’s pretty, girls being ranked by their peers based on beauty, etc, which is why I’m making this a post of its own. Apologies to those who’ve seen it already, but I consider it…

Controversial food opinions - let's hear them

Here’s a couple of mine: I like mashed potato with the skin still in it, and I don’t like it completely smooth. That’s getting into baby food territory, IMHO. Baked cheesecake is claggy and somehow dense and dry at the same time. Unbaked cheesecake (the sort made with gelatine and refrigerated solid) is luscious and…

Ice Cream, Etc. Ice Cream, Etc.

Or maybe one does. What are your frozen delights of choice? Sorbets, frozen yoghurts, parfaits, semifreddos, etc, etc, are also eligible. If you’re at the ice cream shop and ordering more than one scoop, what are your favourite combinations? And we’re not just talking artisanal hipster stuff, big chains count too. A…

Who would play you in the Biopic Of You?

Note there are three options here, but an overlap of actors is acceptable as there are only so many actors. If you can only think of one, that’s okay too. Bonus points for citing other actors who play supporting roles. Edit for clarity: If the actor looks like you that’s great, but remember they don’t absolutely have…

For reality TV / dating show lovers with VPNs

The first ever Australian “The Bachelorette” is two episodes in and it’s amazing. The Bachelorette is the contestant who “won” (using the term the loosest way imaginable) Season 2 of “The Bachelor” but he ditched her immediately after for another contestant in a very public media shitshow.

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