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I need computer person help, and was going to wait for an open thread, but this is truly getting on my last damned nerve. My work computer is a POS Dell micro tower that in spite of everything I’ve tried, overheats in minutes, to the point where the side of my printer, which is three inches of clear space away from…

Halt and Catch Fire reaction thread.

Or at least one person’s reaction. Question of the night...is anyone else watching?


No Trigun rewatch this week because frankly, I'm fucking exhausted and twice as sore as that.

Trigun Rewatch Episodes 7 & 8

Episodes 7 & 8 are our first two-parter. Episode 7 opens with Inapril throwing a thank you party for Vash, as he has now saved the city twice. He pretends to get drunk and pass out during or shortly after the party. The title card is shown, the episode title is B.D.N. (Brilliant Dynamite Neon is the name of the major…

Trigun Rewatch Episodes 5 & 6

Episode 5 opens with a boy in a restaurant loudly begging his mother for a real gun rather than the toy he is holding, when a group of armed men break in and start shooting. Vash, who is in the restaurant eating, loos up at the sound of the shots. The title card is flashed, the episode name is Hard Puncher.

Trigun Rewatch, Episodes 3 & 4

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to go ahead and do a rewatch entry for this week, in light of the Pulse massacre this weekend. But as Trigun is just as much about when and how to use or not use your gun, what to use it for and the harm it can do as much as it is about anything else, in the end, I decided to…

Trigun Rewatch, Episodes 1 & 2

Trigun is a 1998 Anime produced by Madhouse and base on the 1995 manga of the same name published serially in Shonen Captain. The series was shown on Cartoon Network in the US in 2003. And that’s pretty much all the background you’re getting. On to the show!