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Time to redecorate the Physics Lab

The school year is almost over but my classroom just got a new coat of paint and the walls are looking pretty empty, but at least they are no longer the terrible faded whirled pea color. But before I throw up all the posters I’ve had on the walls for years I”m looking for some vinyl decals.

Are rear wiper blades made of unobtainium? Are rear wiper blades made of unobtainium?

Rally Wagon for your time....

Who plays Pokemon Go with their kids?

My 4 year old discovered it when playing with my MIL so guess who now has it installed again on his phone, that is right this guy!

Phyrxes' Vehicle Timeline with added bonus wife car content

All images are from Google so none are/were my actual cars.

Oppo crowd source time.

Oppo crowd source time, friend of the family is looking for the following vehicle in metro DC.

Looking to help a coworker find a car Looking to help a coworker find a car

I expect one of these to be on the list....

Any car stuff to do in Hilton Head?

Heading there for the week, bonus points if it’s something my 3 year old who loves racecars would like.

Who gives out doors as door prizes anyway? Who gives out doors as door prizes anyway?

The Mrs. was at a business opening event and texts me I need you to bring the wagon I can’t bring the door prize home with the kids in the Mazda (cx5). So I arrive to find that it is literally a door prize and it barely fit in my V70.

Trolling the USGS

We had a good laugh over this at lunch. When I mentioned it to my students later a couple ventured that we may yet see some YouTuber try it.

Fender mirrors on a crossover?

Was driving home from my parents with the kiddos when I saw it, no SR20 but it looked like a Sante Fe Sport or Tuscon with fender mirrors. I didn’t even know that was a thing, is it a thing?

What's for dinner oppo?

Quick and easy kiddo approved comfort food.

Electric karts are so different than gas karts, but at least student's cannot stall them. Electric karts are so different than gas karts, but at least student's cannot stall them.

I count being the only teacher in the fast group as a victory! In other news my students ignore blue flags like F1 drivers.

Field trip winning?

The last two days before spring break are field trip days. When your math and science teachers are gear heads and admin green lights our proposal.

Dash cam from the localish PD

This has been all over facebook but I figured I would share it here.

So its Crash Test Thursday? So its Crash Test Thursday?

Given the lack of moose (mooses, meese, whatever!) in the MidAtlantic I am completely okay with these test results.

AValopnik help, will this TV mount work?

One of our 32 inch TVs is now redundant from full time use and I am thinking of wall mounting it above my desk in my office. It is an old Westinghouse 32 inch (720 only) but it has HDMI so no worries there. I’m looking for something quick and easy preferably from amazon due to holiday gift cards, like this one.

Headlights bulbs are done, terrible design is in fact terrible.

Got up this morning and drove in closer to meet up with fellow Opponaut Sovande who had offered to swap the bulbs for me. I am very glad I took him up on the offer, the passenger side one was a royal pain, the drivers side was much easier. Taking out the whole intake off is much easier than trying to work around the…

Just watched Wheelman

Not spoiling anything, how many cars can you identify when watching it?

Volvo headlight question

On my way to work today the right low beam decided that it was done and failed. I am staring at bulb choices online trying to figure out what to order.

Epic Diggerland daytrip....done Epic Diggerland daytrip....done

The three year old had a blast riding on and “driving” the equipment. I’ll admit I had fun doing the actual driving, of the equipment that is not the drive to NJ.

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