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RallyDarkStrike Bait RallyDarkStrike Bait

This was on a facebook group and I had to share it.

Ranquel Pick Up Ranquel Pick Up

Produced by Massey Ferguson Argentina and powered by a Borgward Argentina built VM diesel engine. The truck was produced in 1989 and likely up to 1995.


This seems like NP to me This seems like NP to me

It has the good engine. High mileage very low price.

Suzuki Fronte 800 Suzuki Fronte 800

I forgot this car exhisted. It is the first time Suzuki tried to build a larger car and did not do well. It is like a 1960's Kizashi. It looks great too. It would be a great design for a retro electric car.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Muck Fonday

Good Day Good Day

Stealing Lancia pictures off of Craigslist. I am tired.

. .

Thank you for the advice. I am going to follow up and take all of your advice.

Adjusting Drum Brakes is the Worst.

Saturns make me angry. Isuzus make me happy.

Hyundai Celesta Yixing Hyundai Celesta Yixing

Hyundai Celesta Yixing wagon heavily facelifted new for 2018, 4th gen Hyundai Elantra (2007-2010 in the U.S.)

Things of the Past Week Things of the Past Week

A new milestone.

Paging Zoidberg  Paging Zoidberg 

As seen on Facebook

Friday Isuzu Content Friday Isuzu Content

This is a bad idea for F it money. I would pick this up on Saturday if I could fit it in my garage. I guess this is the wake up call that I need to spend that $260 on upgrading my computer if I would throw $250+ at a parts car I don’t need.

International Trucks International Trucks

Factory bro truck. I did not know this was a thing apparently it is a 2008 only truck.

Pittsburgh Auto Show Pittsburgh Auto Show

I went to the Pittsburgh auto show with my dad and brothers. We played the game does my brother fit in this car? He sits above the window frame of a Miata and 124 by about 3 inches. He also does not fit in a Corvette and BMW 5 series. We both liked the Buick Regal. My brother decided his next car will be another newer…

Lets Have Some Fun Lets Have Some Fun

Lets go car shopping for some cars; these cars are very unferociousness unlike a T-REX. Don’t worry this is no Cuore, don’t put up a Fronte, or blow a Cervo, you are a Mighty-Boy and this is easy.

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