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I Ought to be Surprised But.... I Ought to be Surprised But....

I used to watch a YouTube channel headed by a woman called Yvette Carnell. She talked about Black politics and reparations and white supremacy and I thought she was going somewhere interesting politically speaking. However, my interest in the topic gave way to my annoyance at the woman herself.

Random Musings: Thoughts on Taxes Random Musings: Thoughts on Taxes

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here and since I’ve exhausted the hair thing I thought I’d go with random musings on whatever comes to mind and today I spent too much time getting my financial papers together and this ditty was born.

General Open Thread

So, I was supposed to go out of town this weekend but some truck hit a sign on the Whitestone bridge closing traffic on the bridge, diverting traffic to the Triboro and Throgsneck bridges. The diversion also caused the traffic in Manhattan to be rather crap. I was 2 hours into what was supposed to be a 4 and a half…

Have you seen this mess?

I’m mad. I’m like I want to find these jurors and kill them mad.

This is Why Black Business Isn't Enough This is Why Black Business Isn't Enough

I haven’t had the time to post the way I used to but I still have things running through the ol’ noggin.

So, this happened.

This is why we can’t have any fucking thing.

Open Thread Just Because

I was going to do a whole thing about Dolt 45 declaring the opiate addiction to be a national emergency and the difference between this which affects more white people and crack cocaine which did not but I need to wash my hair and getting sidetracked with more fuckery is just not something I have time for. I actually…

Because Things Just Aren't Shitty Enough

So this popped up on my Twitter feed today:

Presented With Minimal Comment

What the ever loving hell is this?

So this was Shared on the TWIB Nation FB Page So this was Shared on the TWIB Nation FB Page

My answer: Axe body spray and nepotism.

Weird Happenings: a PSA

In the grand scheme of things this is really minor; trifling even. However, I feel that this could be dangerous to the more unaware and thought I’d share.

Natural Hair on the Nines: Routine Revisit

So when I went back in the master file to see what my hair goals were for 2016 to see if I had met them for my year end post, I noticed my comments on my hair routine. Boy, was I doing a whole lot of extra! Apparently, it was four posts worth of extra judging by the bookmarks in the master file. Oops!

Natural Hair on the Nines: Year End Musings 2016

This is the last “nine” of the year and since we’re at the end of a (shitty) year and the bloggers are putting out their “products of 2016” and “Things I’m leaving behind in 2016” lists I figured I may as well take advantage of this time the last Natural Hair on the Nines post of 2016 to review what has and hasn’t…

Speaking of Government Theft of Land... (Updated)

Once again the government conspires to take land away from people. This time they are using tax bills to do so. One person lost their land due to not paying a sewer bill, a sewer they’re not even connected to, don’t want, and don’t need. The state government involved in the fuckery this time South Carolina the people…

This is Why The Police Is The Enemy This is Why The Police Is The Enemy

So, a cop does the right thing and doesn’t just shoot down a Black man because melanin and the department he worked for decided he put the officers in danger and fire him. They offer to let him leave quietly if he resigned and said nothing. Fortunately, this man was a Marine and actually believes in doing the right…


Since most of us can’t post at Jezebel I thought I’d just post this link in a separate post so we can discuss.

Natural Hair on the Nines: When your ID Looks Like You

Earlier this month I renewed my passport. (Get in before the rush yo! It look less than two weeks for me to get the new passport) I had to take a new picture to renew and I realized for the first time that I didn’t have a single solitary bit of ID that matched the current state of my hair. I didn’t really think about…

Is Anyone Watching This Mess?

The RNC convention is a shitstorm of bullshit, lies, and manipulation. It is the lowest form of tragedy porn covered in falsehoods and jingoistic chest thumping.

Commenting Whilst Black: Why It's Important To Have Spaces Where We Can Speak Freely (Update)

The ubiquity of social media is more than a little troublesome because while it can be used for good it can also be used by bigots and other assorted assholes to go after those who dare speak truth to power. Especially if said truth is something that those steeped in privilege do not want to hear.

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