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I am intrigued I am intrigued

Badges on this car indicate that this is an XJ6. However, running the plate comes back to a 1992 Jaguar Vanden Plas Majestic. And unless I’m greatly mistaken, the ‘92 Vanden Plas of this bodystyle was a V12 - the XJ6 had already changed to the square light XJ40. So what’s going on here?

Internship Oppo Internship Oppo

Just accepted an offer with a huge local dealership chain for a full time summer marketing internship! I’ll be working with all facets of their marketing department across all 18 brands they carry, but with a specific emphasis on their luxury dealerships (Bentley, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Porsche). If all goes well,…

Torque for Days Torque for Days

Someday I will own an SL65.

More car crime by my apartment

This was three blocks down.

All rise! All rise!

Can anyone tell if it’s real or a replica/tribute?

I need this I need this

The color combo, the M5 wheels, the 6-speed, and yes, I think the Bangle 6 coupe is a phenomenal looking car. With that being said...I get that the manual and the color are rare, and that it’s a fully loaded car with Dinan upgrades...but that price is a bit steep.

So this just went down in front of my apartment building

In some of the earlier pictures posted, you could see my little orange car in the background.

First AMG GT 4-Door in the wild + A Rant First AMG GT 4-Door in the wild + A Rant

I like this car. It’s an attractive, nice-sounding super sedan, so I guess what’s not to like.

A+ work A+ work


First beautiful Saturday of the year First beautiful Saturday of the year

Highs in the 70s, so people have their classics out and about. I saw this fantastic Grand Wagoneer and this Ford Deluxe, both of which I’ve seen before. More importantly, I saw this stunning 1941 Lincoln Continental Convertible, one of only 400 such cars ever made. It’s one of the last production American V12 cars,…

I8 Roadster I8 Roadster

I really dig this color.

Musings Musings

The Jetta is already a good-looking car. With a tint and some nice new wheels, it would look great.

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