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A Nice Mueller Report Open Thread

Today should be pretty interesting and funny. Let's see who loses their minds. 

GMG Sold

Sold to Great Hill Partners equity firm.

Sometimes being busy at work sucks

I’m usually pretty busy at work, which is definitely a great change from my past job. Time flies by for the most part. Nothing like starting at 7 AM and next thing I know it’s like 11.

Annnnd more Beto shitposting Annnnd more Beto shitposting

Libby doing her thing again. Oh but there’s more...

Nick Martin comes sooooo close to having a point Nick Martin comes sooooo close to having a point

Nick was just soooo close to having a self-aware moment and being able to legitimately criticize someone.

Irony: Libby Watson calling anyone stupid

Yes, let's all listen to stable genius Libby Watson. She's the best knowledge knower and doesn't have an agenda and knows all the solutions for US governance. 

White Liberal Saviors

Nothing like a white liberal talking down to black people as if he knows what the hell he’s talking about.

NC Death Penalty Report Proves Death Penalty is Bullshit

The Center for Death Penalty Litigation just released a report about the application of the death penalty in North Carolina. I would say the report is shocking, but really it isn’t. The report found that contrary to what most death penalty supporters claim, the death penalty is mostly used as a threat in crimes with…