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Half doors now with more fabric! Half doors now with more fabric!

Have had them for a while but didn’t bother taking pictures of them recently. They close better than my worn out full doors. Full doors weight about the same as a 6bt engine when taking them off.

I fart in this game's general direction I fart in this game's general direction

I gave it one more shot, the game pisses me off too much. I don’t have the temper for multiplayer shooters, especially this one.

Farewell prancing moose stickers


Flight stick Recommendations?

I recently picked up DCS World, war thunder and DCS A-10C and my flight yoke for Cessnas in Microsoft flight sim isn’t practical for combat sims. I would like recommendations from fellow Oppos and only need it to meet the criteria of having a HOTAS (Hands On Throttle-And-Stick) .

I'm short 2500 for this Volvo Amazon

I want it mostly cause it’s yellow and rwd Volvo. Link in comments kinja keeps eating the link

YJ Fun Fact

If you need to change the speakers without dropping the windshield you have to be a contortionist or have no torso including baby hands. I gave up with the speakers they don’t want to go into the mounts because the magnet keeps attaching itself to the tub.

Dear Photobucket Dear Photobucket

Thank you for ruining many engine swap threads especially for Jeep YJs. You’ve managed to cock up so many threads like a drunk shade tree mechanic helicoiling a Northstar V8. Go to hell and eat a rear main seal you inept extortionist poos.

The ring came off my pudding can The ring came off my pudding can

Best Simpsons episode in my opinion.

Dear person with white accord sedan

You park like an ass. Every night you park like King Dick since resident parking hours expire and allow it. Please do take up two spots on the street since your new Accord is much more valuable than a Bentley Arnage. Go eat a rear main seal, you infantile pillock.

A few pictures from yesterday's Wildwood event A few pictures from yesterday's Wildwood event

And the world’s shittiest photo of Jurasic Park YJ. *cue JP theme*

Joop on the Beach Joop on the Beach

It made it to Wildwood.

It's hip to be square It's hip to be square

Now with fog lights!

Need opinions from resident jeep owners

I’m looking at cab covers/car covers for the YJ when the hard top is off and would like to hear what brands are recommended so that my YJ isn’t flooded after a rainy day. Entire car covers are ok but I think my local pd wont like a vehicle with its plates covered on the street.

YJ Joop Appreciation YJ Joop Appreciation

A nice change from the new offroaders Dirt Every Day usually gets.

Today's theme is NO.

Tomorrow is Arch Duke “NO” Appreciation Day.

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